How to Blur an Image in PowerPoint

I’ve always enjoyed using a blur effect in my eLearning courses and presentations. When properly applied to an image, a blur effect can add visual interest, help direct the learner’s attention, and even create a sense of context or location.

Did you know you can quickly and easily blur an image in PowerPoint? In addition to several other visual effects, you can also use PowerPoint apply a blur effect to your images. Check out my how-to video below and learn how to blur an image in PowerPoint!

How to Blur an Image in PowerPoint

How to Blur an Image in PowerPoint

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  • Thanks for sharing. I love the blurred background, as it really guides people’s attention – or their focus, you might say!

    Just this week I saw a great webinar by Nolan Haims (a PPT MVP), who showed some neat ways to use blur – among other effects. (You can find the 2-3 mins on blur starting here.)

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