I’m Writing a Second Edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook!

It was nearly five years ago when I started thinking about writing a book to share everything I knew about designing and developing eLearning. At the time, the mear thought of writing my own book seemed like an enormous task, and it was! In fact, it wasn’t my first time working on a book. At that point, I had already co-authored several of the E-Learning Uncovered books and was well-versed in the self-publishing process. However, writing an entire book from scratch was so overwhelming that it took me over two years to get it done. 

In the summer of 2018, I finally published The eLearning Designer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to The eLearning Development Process for New eLearning Designers. Without self-indulging my ego too much, I have to say that it was a pivotal moment in my career—I was, and I still am, so proud of what I had accomplished. 

Honestly, as I look back on it, the book really became the first major stepping stone towards quitting my corporate job and starting my own business in the spring of 2019. 

So, with that all said, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll soon be publishing a second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook! And in this post, I wanted to give you a quick behind-the-scenes peek at what you can expect in my new book. So let’s do it! 

Why Write a Second Edition? 

The eLearning Designer's Handbook Second Edition by Tim Slade

I first started thinking about writing a new book in the fall of 2019. Initially, I had planned on leaving the current version of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook as-is, and pen a totally separate book, focused on instructional design for eLearning. 

However, the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized two books was the wrong answer. Here’s why: 

As it stands right now, The eLearning Designer’s Handbook focuses mostly on how to work with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to plan your eLearning project and draft a storyboard. It doesn’t cover anything regarding needs analyses, instructional design, blended learning, and the many other things that go into making an effective eLearning course. And the more I thought about how the content would be separated into two books, the more I realized that each one would feel incomplete without the other. 

Although it took some time and a lot of thought, I eventually concluded that what I really needed to do was build upon the solid foundation of what I had created—I needed to write an updated, second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook. And that’s precisely what I’ve been working on for the last six months! 

What’s New in the Second Edition?

The eLearning Designer's Handbook Second Edition by Tim Slade

So, besides providing a greater focus on the instructional design aspects of eLearning design and development, what else can you expect in the second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook?! Well, a lot, actually!

When I sat down to start writing the second edition, the first thing I did was open up Amazon and read through all of the reviews folks had written for the book, specifically the negative ones. I figured the best way to figure out what I needed to do differently in the second edition, was to see what folks didn’t like about the first edition. And I have to be honest, while I’ve always been proud of the 4.6 out of 5-star Amazon rating on my book, it’s always been the negative reviews I’ve tried to pay the most attention to. But I have to admit, it’s even harder to sit down and read them all at once! 

As I read through all of the negative reviews, a few common themes quickly came through…

  • First, more content and details. Many of the negative reviews noted the book’s succinctness—they wanted the book to go more in-depth about everything.
  • Second, full-color print. Several reviews noted how much more engaging the book would be if the examples were printed in color. 
  • Third and finally, more examples and templates. Many reviews mentioned the need for additional examples, tools, and templates to assist new eLearning designers.

The funny thing about all of the negative reviews was that I agreed entirely with most of them! Ultimately, they confirmed what I had already wanted to do with the second edition of the book. 

So, without revealing too many details at this time, I’m super excited to say that the second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook will contain nearly 3x more content than the first edition! Starting with an overview of adult learning theory, the book will cover everything from conducting a needs analysis, working with stakeholders and subject matter experts, creating a project plan and timeline, designing a blended learning solution, drafting a storyboard, developing a prototype, incorporating interactivity, measuring effectiveness, and so much more! 

In addition, I’ve also decided to have the book printed in full-color! This means every image, graphic, and example will be presented vibrantly in color, allowing for a richer, more engaging reading and learning experience. 

What’s Next?

The eLearning Designer's Handbook Second Edition by Tim Slade

So, you now know what I’ve been working on these last few months, and I hope you’re as excited as I am! I know you’re probably wondering when you can get your hands on a copy, and while I’m not ready to announce an official launch date just yet, I can say it’ll be soon! 

The content of the book is almost done, and I’m working on a few finishing touches before I send it off to my editor. It won’t be long until I announce the actual go-live date! So, stay tuned!

Stay Up-To-Date!

If you’d like to stay updated on my progress and enter your name to win a free copy, visit my new book page by clicking the button below! I’ll keep you updated along the way, and you’ll be the first to know when the book officially launches! 


Tim Slade
Tim Slade is a speaker, author, and award-winning freelance eLearning designer. Having spent the last decade working to help others elevate their eLearning and visual communications content, Tim has been recognized and awarded within the eLearning industry multiple times for his creative and innovative design aesthetics. Tim is a regular speaker at international eLearning conferences, is a recognized Articulate Super Hero, author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook and creator of The eLearning Designer's Academy.

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    The content of the book is very interesting. I hope we shall have an electronic copy too.

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