How to Create an eLearning Project Plan

When you first start an eLearning project, there is a lot of information you must collect and expectations to establish. Much of this upfront work occurs during your eLearning project kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting is your opportunity to meet with your project stakeholders and subject matter experts to ask questions, collect information, and set expectations.

It’s easy to walk away from your initial eLearning project kickoff meeting assuming everyone is on the same page and has the same expectations. However, this is rarely the case. To successfully create an effective eLearning course, it requires all of the project contributors (including yourself) to have a clear understanding of the project details. The best way to accomplish this is to create an eLearning project plan.

Here are some tips and a free download to help you create an eLearning project plan for your next eLearning course!

Detail the Basic Information

eLearning Project Plan Template

An eLearning project plan acts as a kind of contract between you and your project stakeholders. The purpose is to document everything that has been agreed upon and give you something to reference later, especially if the project goes out-of-scope.

When creating your eLearning project plan, start by detailing the basic information. This includes any background information regarding how the project came to be, the individuals creating the course, and the project stakeholders.

Outline the Project Milestones

eLearning Project Plan Template

Most eLearning projects have a target date for when the final eLearning course needs to be available to the learners. When an eLearning course is delayed, it’s because one or more milestones were missed during the project.

When creating your eLearning project plan, outline any critical project milestones and dates for delivery. This includes when the storyboard will be finalized, when each draft the course will be available for review, and when the final course will be ready for delivery. Documenting these dates gives you leverage with your subject matter experts and project stakeholders, especially when they are late with their deliverables.

In addition to outlining the project milestones, you should consider creating a detailed project schedule. Here’s a free eLearning project schedule you can download and edit for your next eLearning project.

Define the Course Information

eLearning Project Plan Template

During the eLearning project kickoff meeting, some basic course information must be determined and created. What issue will this course solve? What are the learning objectives? What are the final deliverables? These are just some of the essential details you need to determine with your stakeholders.

When creating an eLearning project plan, define the basic course information. This includes the course name, its purpose, the target learners, the learning objectives, and a description of the final deliverable(s). You also want to detail any deliverables that are out-of-scope, such as job aids or other materials.

List the Development Details

eLearning Project Plan Template

Finally, when creating an eLearning project plan, list the development details. This includes content you will use in the creation of the course, the course reviewers, any constraints that will interfere with the delivery of the course, and any metrics that will be used to measure effectiveness.

eLearning Project Plan Template

eLearning Project Plan Template

Download and use this eLearning project plan template for your next eLearning project!


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  • I usually suggest people that they dispatch the plan to the team of learners or whoever who might be aware of their actual resources volume to collect feedback on how well the plan keeps it real. Helps. And people’s sense of control spike.

  • This is sooo helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pr ELY Mustapha
    1 year ago

    Thank you. May I ask you if i can use that materials in my own online training course. Sincerely

  • Thank you again . Your Courtesy will be mentionned in my training presentation with a due link to your website. Keep going the very good and high standard work you are doing. Sincerely.

  • Hello Tim,

    I have a question regarding the evolution of managing an E-Learning project.

    If I understood correctly, during your kick-off meeting, you ask the project sponsor, SMEs… the 15 eLearning questions (to me, it’s the training needs analysis). Then, you create the e-learning schedule and then the project plan? Or do you outline the project plan first and then create the schedule?

    What I usually do, is before we have the kick off meeting, I send the questionnaire beforehand. Then, at the meeting, we discuss the training needs analysis questionnaire and the project at a high level. Then, I create simultaneously the project plan and the project schedule and have those validated and approved by the client.

    Is this a good practice?



    • Hi Julie! Great questions! Let me start with the questionnaire. When you choose to ask these questions, depends on you and your organization. Sometimes I ask these question during the kickoff meeting, other times I ask prior to the kickoff meeting as part of my need analysis. As for the project plan and schedule, I usually create those items following the kickoff meeting.

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