2019 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already coming to an end! And while I have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of this year, the truth is, I’ve never been good about reflecting on the past. Once I finish something, I’m already thinking about the next thing and the next thing after that.

This is something I want to change this year. I want to take a moment and reflect on all that I accomplished and thank those who helped make it possible. In this video, I’ll share some of the things (and people) that made 2019 such a fantastic year. Enjoy!

What Made 2019 Amazing For You?

So, what made 2019 an amazing year for you? Share your 2019 accomplishments by commenting below!

Tim Slade
Tim Slade is a speaker, author, and award-winning freelance eLearning designer. Having spent the last decade working to help others elevate their eLearning and visual communications content, Tim has been recognized and awarded within the eLearning industry multiple times for his creative and innovative design aesthetics. Tim is a regular speaker at international eLearning conferences, is a recognized Articulate Super Hero, author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook and creator of The eLearning Designer's Academy.

4 Responses to “2019 Year in Review

  • Great video and reflection Tim. You have started new journey nicely. Appreciate that you have accomplish a lot and I personally learnt a lot from your post and from sharing your experiences. Liked your ask the trainer concept. I have convinced my faculty at International Medical University to start a project, ” Ask the expert” which I got idea from your project. I would like to wish you all the best in 2020.

  • Bianka Gonzalez-Ardon
    1 year ago

    Hi Tim,

    I came across your LinkedIn Learning videos and followed you here to your page. Thank you for sharing your Journey for 2019. I was inspired and motivated for my career for the upcoming 2020 year. I am not a freelancer, but I have been thinking about it a lot. Hearing your journey gives me the confidence I need to try it out on my own. Would love to hear more of these stories. I am sure others within our industry would appreciate it.

    Thank You

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